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Starting  Friday, 22nd September 2023, 11:45-13:15 for 6 weeks

Yoga for self healing
@ Sylvania hall, Exeter

You may think yoga is not for you...  

I felt exactly the same, until I found my teacher.

As a healer, I know everyone has own healing ability, but it is needed to switch on by our mind and intention. I realised that "breath" plays an important role on our wellbeing and yoga is a perfect tool to harness this power. 


Simple *asana is enough to gain maximum benefit

but it requires

Proper physical alignment,

relaxation and intention. 

*asana : yoga pose 

I am lucky to have learnt yoga from amazing teachers in India who gave me devoted and authentic guidance. 

During Pandemic, I lost interests in teaching yoga. However, I made reconnection with The Yoga Institute in India and I took Advanced Pranayama (breathing) course online. Unexpectedly, it gave me such a deep understanding on yoga, energy and healing work. Further learning on yoga cure for many physical ailment, including cancer also triggered my motivation to teach and share my learning again. 


Eco mode

Yogis' wisdom is to use one breath wisely as it is limited.   

I teach yoga focused on slow and controlled way without excessive energy loss. 

Simple is the best

but also it is the most difficult to master


I decided to do this as "Karma yoga" - not for my own profit.

I do not know if there is any demands for yoga for healing or if people are motivated enough to join me. 

So I am making this as a 6 weeks trial challenge to see if this class is worth continuing, so please do not wait and see at home.  Do come and experience yourself and give me your honest feedback.


Make a commitment

Knowing it is good for me often ends up with

"Yes I know it is good for me" without action.

Please PREBOOK class to make a commitment!

No previous experience needed, but yoga lovers are also welcome . If you are not flexible, it is good news as you would find improvement quicker. If you have busy head, you will have at least 20minutes of relaxation in 90 minutes session.

If you have any concern, please contact me

Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts.

Bring own Yoga mat and blanket for your comfort. If you also have other props, feel free to bring and use.

Drop in   £5

Prebook  £4

*All Profit will be donated to community hall.

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